Payment Options

Little Bread

Payment Options

The security of your information online is important to us.

You can choose to pay for your prints via credit card through Stripe or PayPal or directly through your PayPal account.


If you do not have a PayPal account you are still able to process transactions securely through PayPal.

Paypal does not share your financial information with anyone and the information they collect is securely encrypted on their servers so that you can confidently shop online. You can read more about Paypal's Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Credit Card

Credit card payments are also available and processed using Stripe, a secure and trusted online payment gateway.

When you complete your purchase, Stripe stores your credit card data. Stripe meets PCI-DSS requirements and you can find out more information on the PCI-DSS Quick Reference Guide.

Your purchase transaction data is stored only when completing your purchase transaction. Afterwards, this information is deleted. For further information you can read Stripe's Privacy Policy - Australia.